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Here is what the books says:

Around sundown, Egyptian women placed water in shallow clay trays on a bed
of straw.  Rapid evaporation from the water surface and from the damp sides
of the tray combined with the nocturnal drop in temperature to freeze the
water - even though the temperature of the environment never fell near the
freezing point.  Sometimes only a thin film of ice formed on the surface,
but under more favorable conditions of dryness and night cooling, the water
froze into a solid slab of ice.   bill w

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> On 02/07/2020 01:38, Adrian Tymes wrote:
> In large evaporative coolers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yakhch%C4%81l
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>> Here is one I ran across in an article on air conditioning.  In ancient
>> Egypt ice was made.  How did they do it?
> I don't know if evaporative cooling on its own could make ice, but it gets
> very cold at night in the desert, so maybe repeated exposure at night and
> insulation through the day would do it.
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