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>…Yes Spike, that’s exactly what I mean. I have never be in camp “we’re overcounting”.

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Ja.  Now I am seeing why it is that it is so difficult to make direct comparisons between covid rates and nations: they have different counting methods.  If patients are fleeing from medical care here, they are doing likewise elsewhere for the same reason.  Some nations such as the USA, have 50 separate jurisdictions all of which have their own rules, with the data being combined into one misleading pile.


We have few levers government can pull in the US, but one of them is to shut down the bars, because states do hold a lot of arbitrary power over liquor licenses.  We have pretty solid evidence those are super-spreaders, so… close em now.  Society can go on without them, and if some go out of business, new ones will arise after the crisis.








>>….Hi SR, in the USA, we counted patients who died WITH the virus as having died OF the virus.  But the who fled from medical care are those who indirectly died OF the virus but not WITH the virus.


If so, we didn’t overcount the covid death rate, we undercounted it.




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