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BTW, this post reminded me to ask if anyone on list has watched the show
"Devs" yet?  If not, I'd highly recommend it as it's very extropian
friendly and centers around a quantum computing initiative.  I don't want
to give away any spoilers (and would recommend not reading anything on it
prior to watching).  It's by Alex Garland of Ex Machina fame.

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> If non-abelian anyons exist then you could make a topological quantum
> computer which would need a lot less quantum error correction, and
> according to a very recent article such quasiparticles almost certainly do
> exist. Microsoft is the leading company in this field.
> Direct observation of anyonic braiding statistics at the ν=1/3 fractional
> quantum Hall state <https://arxiv.org/pdf/2006.14115.pdf>
> John K Clark
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