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>…He was an occasional poster here for a long time…  BillW I regret you never had a chance to meet him.





Correction to previous, Steve van Sickle was an occasional ExI poster a long time ago.  I don’t recall his posting here for perhaps 15 yrs now, but he was on the local cryonics forum.


Steve’s research was in gas infusion into tissues as a means of preserving kidneys and other transplantable organs.  Transplant therapy would be so much more practical if we had a means of preserving entire organs by some means, so that they had a shelf life of a few weeks rather than a few hours.


Everyone understood of course the long term goal is preserving brain tissue, ideally entire brains.  Imagine a brain on the shelf for a few weeks, young victim takes one thru la cabeza, out with the destroyed tissue, in I go, patch the two holes where the bullet went in and went out, stem cell miracle to reconnect the spinal cord, a year or two of physical therapy for my brain to find and figure out how to control her muscles, a young healthy athletic body we have.  


Or a smart old already-educated STEM-enabled brain with a terrific attitude she has, a body happy to be still walking, a brain happy to be still thinking.  I guess it would all depend on how you look at it.  


We would make a great team, simultaneously smart and attrac…  eh… OK do let me rethink that last part a bit.  A female body would have its advantages (women live longer) but also its challenges: it might attract all the wrong people.





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