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>> South Korea is a counterexample which proves your thesis is wrong. 


> Asian people may have a higher natural resistance, 


Then why did the pandemic grow so rapidly in China in the very earliest days before the government there got its act together?


John K Clark



Our data from China is unreliable.  Theirs is a government which controls data and information flow.  Citizens there were threatened for posting to the internet.  We still don’t know how many covid cases they had in China.


That being said, if more government is the answer to epidemics, this is bad news indeed for the USA and the west in general, for we have less government here than either China or South Korea.  As the impact of the quarantine filters up (in the form of lower tax revenue) the west in general and the USA will have still less government than we have now.  If government is the answer to epidemics, your best bet for avoiding the virus is to flee to North Korea.


I’ll taaaaaake… Covid for 500 please Alex.



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