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>>... I see what looks like a good compromise: require all public schools to 
> offer all online school as an option for those who choose it.  Our 
> local school board is offering all-online school this fall.  spike

>...Spike - you do realize that not-very-rich parents of young children will
be in *big trouble* if there is no regular school?     Someone will have
to stay home to care for the young.

>...Of course we could set up day-care for school age kids, but ... they may as well be in school.

>...My family is running into this problem now: both parents work, I'm in an "at risk" category, day care is closed & has been for months.  The lockdown-working-from-home parent's job is opening up again, so there is nobody to stay with kids who are 10+ years too young to legally be alone at home. So both parents are presently part-timing to cover childcare, but that's not going to work long-term.  They stand to lose their jobs, home, and health insurance, not to mention one state pension.

>...This is not a good situation.  Anger & fear is building.


Hi MB, ja I do see that.  Our local public schools have openly recognized that their duties have expanded beyond education: they are also tasked with being a daycare and feeding the children (both breakfast and lunch if they request it.)  Since the quarantine, those duties have expanded even further, to provider of ChromeBooks and internet.

Our local schools have stepped up to the plate in all these, but we now face a new problem: funding at the state level is going to drop as tax revenue drops.  So now public schools are in a pinch: their service load is expanding while their resources are dwindling.

The important thing to me is that the public schools offer the option of all stay-at-home education for those who are in a position to use that.  Otherwise we compel students to go into a danger zone, rather than offer them the choice of doing so.


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