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Henry, you missed my meaning.  That black and white thing was sarcastic.  I
love Jefferson and all the slave owning founders.  It's the purists and the
fanatics that are flaming this fire.  bill w

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>   If Jefferson kept a slave then he is a bad person who has utterly no
> qualities we want to emulate.
> Come on now, that’s awfully black and white. Mr. Jefferson (I went to UVA
> so we have to do that) even had a son (or possibly more children) with
> one of his slaves. Raped a slave that resulted in a pregnancy I should
> probably more accurately say. Mr. Jefferson or anybody else that has done
> some not-so-respectable or even atrocious things still may have positive
> qualities. I don’t mean to imply that the ends justify the means because I
> don’t support that idea. I just mean that some people who do bad things can
> also do good things and have “qualities we want to emulate” nonetheless.
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