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Sorry to hear it.  I would never have guessed from your posts.  bill w


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>Some of you are just small people:  mean, petty, picky.  You know who you are. — bill w


That’s me. 






Nor would I, SR.


Regarding picky: eh, this is the online version of a think tank.  That’s what we’re for: tossing out crazy ideas and playing with them.


BillW, what if… a psychologist comments “you know who you are” when one is having an identity crisis?  Or has severe amnesia?  Just sayin.


The question opens another mystery: when one is just sayin, is it mandatory to drop the g?  Have you ever heard it with the g?  Neither have I.  


And if a commie makes an absurd suggestion, is she just sayink?  


And what if Popeye is just sayin?  Does it revert back to just saying?  


The mind boggles.


BillW, SR, we love your ideas.  You and the others make this such a fun place to outwardly hang.  


Pick on, be good to each other, play ball!





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