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>… I actually do support hero worship. I understand the impetus, and at a certain level, the need, for hero worship…

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Hi SR, this notion has been rattling around in my head like a golf ball in a 55 gallon drum.


I read two posters who commented about expecting a POTUS to be a descent respectable person, someone the young people might emulate and admire.  Then something occurred to me: both of those posters were older than I am.  In the most attitude-formative years of my generation, Nixon became entangled in the Watergate scandal and was personally vilified.  


People of my generation came to expect that POTUS was a bad person, which led many of us into libertarianism, certainly into not expecting POTUS to be a descent person.  With the possible exceptions of Gerald Ford and to some extent Jimmy Carter, every one of their successors were flawed in some fairly significant way.


Think about the American children who have come of age in the last few years: they will develop attitudes which will last a lifetime.  They will never look to POTUS, probably no entertainers nor sports stars as heroes.  I sure don’t.  I see people who created a bunch of jobs by carving out some new significant business or scientists who discovered some cool new thing as heroes for today, worthy of emulation.





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