[ExI] Malthus and Marx

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Subject: [ExI] Malthus and Marx

Nature, long regarded as a top-tier journal in virtually all fields of
science, recently published an overtly political article, that as scientist,
I have mixed feelings about. ...



Why is there no serious scientific support for alternative solutions
involving coupling economic growth with physical expansion through space.
Always the critics come with excuses like "manned space-flight is unsafe".
Well so is fighting World War III for resources. On the other hand,
maintaining communist solidarity while quietly starving to death in our
so-called "safe space" is not simply risky, it is guaranteed extinction

Stuart LaForge


It is most disturbing.  Our economic models have long assumed long-term
growth.  At any time, if that growth stops happening for any reason, even
those completely beyond our control, the entire system collapses.  Those who
ran up the debts are blamed.  Then there is retribution.  We have not the
option of Marxism, for we must continue to grow if we continue to borrow
against the future.


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