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> I seriously wish I could answer you without making this political, but yes, I believe if Biden is elected, and the Ds have control of Congress, things may spin out of control very quickly. I don't believe mainstream pols like Pelosi have any interest in anything beyond their own power. I think they see what's happening as a useful tool, but I also think they're underestimating the odds of it getting away from them. 
> I think the odds of this revolution occurring are still relatively low at this point.  That said, yes, I do believe that is the platform that has been inculcated in academia via critical theory and intersectionality that BLM and others are attempting to implement here.  
> The fact that the hateful pablum known as White Fragility is being held up as important reading throughout many parts of the school system, and that people painting over a BLM street mural have been charged with a hate crime are additional canaries.  
> There are many others, so yes, I don't believe this is really about protesting police brutality.  
> I also agree there are some legitimate grievances lost in this mess. 

I think the power of almost always academia is overstated, but can you make comparisons to other actual revolutions? Reading history, it seems like 1968 was a far more revolutionary year in the US and Europe. And yet what actually happened?

Perhaps the problem is watching events unfold in the here and now and trying to connect dots that might not matter a year or ten from now.

What legitimate grievances are being lost in this mess?

My actual fear is what happened with Obama and the antiwar movement will repeat with Biden and BLM should Biden get elected. The antiwar movement basically went into (terminal?) decline despite Obama basically continuing Bush‘s militarism. (Not that Bush was much of a maverick here: US foreign has always been bellicose. A myth here is the US never meddles outside its borders until it’s dragged into others’ affairs.) 


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