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Is there an actual news story backing this thread?



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Hi Dan, 


I haven’t found it.  My sources are the scouting people who I see regularly.  I can easily imagine the news stories exist somewhere, and if so I would like to see how this is being reported.  


>From an inside view: we have a guy who has been scouting culture for decades.  He is really into that, his son is into it, priceless he is.  Once a year he does a special bridging ceremony, where the cub scouts cross the symbolic bridge from childhood to manhood.  It is kind of a ceremonial rite of passage (do ignore for the moment that manhood in today’s world doesn’t really start at age 11 (but rather somewhere in the mid 30s (if ever (but in the olden days it did (an 11 year old boy had adult responsibilities thrust upon him.)))))


In our bridging ceremony, the boys go from paws on the path to footprints on the trail.  It isn’t a game: that one ceremony is like a graduation, only no airhorns and no screwing around.  We don’t let the guys bridge unless they treat the whole thing with respect.  In that organization, tradition is something to be respected, not torn down.


This one sparkling jewel of a guy spent a fortune on an “Indian Chief” costume, with the deerskin, the full feathered headdress, the traditional decorations, the whole thing.  We really look forward to those ceremonies every year, with his reciting perfectly from memory what is nearly an hour ceremony.  Now we are being told he must stop.  Broke his noble heart.  Broke my ignoble heart.  I do hope we can get that decision reversed.  Hope springs eternal.





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