[ExI] zoom memorial

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Mon Jul 13 04:44:54 UTC 2020

I mentioned earlier that Steve Van Sickle had passed on.  He was on
occasional poster here.  We met thru ExI: he posted me offlist and asked
questions about stuff I had mentioned.  We became good friends and were
hitting the local steak burgers on the equinoxes for about the last 10 yrs.
We missed out this spring because of covid, so I hadn't seen him since about
last September.

Steve was a very special guy, a rare combination of brains and kindness.  He
was a rare example of absurdly smart but it didn't go to his head.  He
maintained his humility and humanity.  Since he moved back to the
neighborhood from Phoenex, he was laboring at a cryonics research company
operating on a shoestring and a hope.  His motive was to try to find a way
to preserve organs for transplantation.  He was motivated not for himself
but as a way to help humanity.  With his brains he could have made tons of
money, but he chose to spend his professional life working towards organ

Keith do feel free to jump in here and save me from me.  You might know more
about Steve's research than I do.  When we got together Steve often wanted
to talk space stuff, and he understood that better than I understand
cryonics.  The only thing I could really contribute was only indirect:
control ideas for his machine he developed.

Today our weary world is sorely missing its Steve Van Sickle.


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