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Actually, I am a big fan of hogs.  In my grad physiology class my lab partner and I took out a pig's brain.  It is a marvel of convolutions.  If you took a picture and did not get any perspective, you would assume it was human.  Why Mother Nature chose to give pigs such a big brain is probably not known, but they are said to be smarter than dogs and only a bit less than monkeys.  How we know this is a problem, since they resist learning anything we try to teach them.  Stubborn as mules (who are really not stubborn at all - ask me if you don't know why).   bill w




I already know why mules are not really stubborn.  I have an explanation which I will offer but I want to hear yours first.


I too am a big fan of hogs.  The heavy lifting in red meat has always been cows, but hogs can produce meat for about a third of the price.  Nutritionally pork is nearly equivalent to beef.


Measuring the intelligence of a hog is inherently difficult as it is with chimps: in both cases they are examples of species which really just don’t like humans and they don’t like to play our games.  In the case of chimps I kinda understand it: they are revolted by how much we look like deformed chimps.  They have a kind of uncanny valley thing going on, vaguely wondering perhaps if we are not really chimps, but something went wrong and we have these ugly bulbous heads and we managed to breed anyway even though it isn’t clear how we could find each other attractive.  Of course all this is written from the perspective of a human supremist.




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