[ExI] Some virus statistics

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Tue Jul 14 18:17:52 UTC 2020

There are significant structural and logical problems with the statistics,
which I listed in the charitable hope you would engage with them.

Instead, you went immediately to argument from authority, ad hominem, and
tu quoque.

Precisely one person in this conversation is letting ideology override a
reasonable assessment of reality, and it isn't me.

You used to be better than this.

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> *> This is meaningless nonsense.*
> Right. So the moral to take away from all this is that if statistics or
> even reality conflicts with your worldview then deny the statistics and if
> necessary reality itself, but never EVER change your worldview because
> political ideology is more important than the scientific method. A wise
> president should ignore what every virus expert and Epidemiologist on the
> planet is saying because they're just a bunch of nerds and he should
> instead just listen to people who engage in happy talk that he enjoys
> hearing. I'm sure following that strategy will bring the country's death
> rate way down, after all ignoring facts that are staring you in the face
> has always worked great in the past. Right?
>  John K Clark
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