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> >>…And every other country in the world, aka every country that has
>> handled this crises better than the US, is a dictatorship just like North
>> Korea. There is nothing we can learn from them because Americans are the
>> only free people on earth. Right?
> *> Oh there is something we can learn from them: if you accept
> dictatorship, your covid death rate will be whatever the dictator says it
> is. *

Do you really believe every epidemiologist in the world is lying and every
country except the USA is a dictatorship just like North Korea?

*> Keep this in mind: no one has offered a believable scenario for what
> happens if we pile on more power and responsibility to government but it
> has insufficient funds to carry out even what it did before.  You suggested
> just printing more money, but* [...]

We could be having this exact same conversation in 1935. And we could be
having this exact same conversation in 1835 too. Spike, you say you love
the constitution, but if you hated it and wanted it destroyed utterly but
we're too squeamish to use H bombs then you could not do better than to
drastically cut government spending during 2 simultaneous disasters, the
worst unemployment since the great depression of 1929 and the worst
pandemic since 1918.

 John K Clark
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