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>>…Do you really believe every epidemiologist in the world is lying and
>> every country except the USA is a dictatorship just like North Korea?
> *> We don’t know what the covid rate is in any communist country. *

That doesn't answer my question. Do you claim we don't know the Covid-19
rate in *ANY* country, and EVERY epidemiologist in the world is lying, and
EVERY scientific journal article about the virus is wrong, and there is NO
accurate data about the virus at all? Do you think the virus is even real
or is it all just a gigantic worldwide hoax designed to make the USA look

Or do you think that maybe just maybe your worldview needs some minor
revisions? Maybe just maybe the USA is not always the best at everything
and in this emergency it has acted with massive breathtaking incompetence
that has caused tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths and Trillions of
dollars of unnecessary economic damage.

> >   *But the government cannot manufacture wealth.  It can manufacture
> money.  Two different things.*

Your timing is dreadful! You'd have to go back about 90 years to find a
time when inflation was a less serious problem than it is right now,
massive deflation is what you have to worry about right now and that is
just as bad as massive inflation. You only get inflation when factories are
running at full capacity yet can't keep up with demand because demand is so
large, but right now factories are running at very low capacity and demand
is way way down, nobody is in the mood to buy a lot of stuff or to travel
to a lot of places, not even to their neighborhood bar. There might come a
time in the future when inflation becomes a problem, but now is not that
time; If you find a man dying from thirst in a desert you solve the
immediate problem by giving him a sip of water from your small canteen,
it's just not the right time to worry that an ocean of water could drown a
Human being.

*> Government overspending causes cuts eventually.*

When does this "eventually" actually happen? People have been predicting it
since 1835 and we're still waiting.

John K Clark
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