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If states want to do make rules on giving themselves the authority to make people wear masks and so on, then states need to write that into their constitutions and have their legislatures vote on them.  None of that has happened.

>…I don’t know how your local laws work but I assume people can be fined by local authorities for relatively harmless things such as not picking up their dog’s poop, so why would fining people for not wearing a mask be more difficult to implement?


Stathis Papaioannou




City governments do have a lot of leeway on what laws they pass.  Ours never did.  The state governor issue orders, but those do not apply to us unless there is an actual law that we are required to wear masks, which there are not.  Meanwhile, I don’t bother blaming the California governor for his actions when he has insufficient authority to stop the surge in infections.


Legislatures make law.  Executive branches can only guide enforcement on how to enforce laws that exist.  The Fed can declare martial law, which it has not done.  The state can declare a public health emergency which enables the governor to direct some additional funding.  Businesses can require patrons wear a mask, which they are doing.  There is no known law or enforcement mechanism for the governor to require masks.  Some do, some do not.


Stathis the real point of all this is that we get it: face masks indoors makes sense.  Handing government arbitrary power in response to a crisis does not.  So we don’t.  It really is that simple.



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