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> *> it started in the wet market or the lab, but plenty of us think it was
> in the lab.*

Well of course you believe that, believing it doesn't require you to change
your worldview by one bit, it's the exact same reason plenty of people
believe in Bigfoot and flying saucers.

>> …Doctors and nurses reported that there was a shortage of cheap virus
>> protection masks in the US way back in February, and they're STILL
>> reporting a shortage of them to this very day. If The president can't even
>> solve that simple problem after 5 months do you really think an extra three
>> weeks of warning time would have made the slightest difference?...
> *> Presidents don’t control that process. *

That statement is just flat out wrong. I suggest you do a Google
search for "Defense
Production Act" and then look at this:

Trump administration's delayed use of 1950s law leads to critical supplies

And Spike, you say government can't even mandate something as simple as
wearing a virus mask when out in public because the constitution doesn't
say anything about it, but the constitution doesn't say anything about cars
or traffic laws either and yet government mandates stuff about that. Are
you OK with that or should our highways be a free-for-all?

John K Clark
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