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> * > That 4% nuclear power comes from about 450 nuclear power stations. For
> nuclear power to make a significant impact it will require building
> thousands of nuclear power stations. This will take many years and cost
> trillions of rapidly devaluing currency.*

Huh? If currency is rapidly devaluing then why is inflation today the
lowest it's been in the nation's entire history?

*> In the current environment it will take a huge change for this to become
> acceptable, if it is even possible. Let's hope for nuclear fusion, or some
> other innovative energy source to appear. *

Replacing fossil fuels by ANYTHING, including nuclear fusion as well as
fission, would be a HUGE change and require many trillions of dollars; but
then COVID19 bungling by the USA has undoubtedly already cost many
trillions of dollars.  A trillion here a trillion there, and pretty soon
you're talking about real money.

John K Clark
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