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New York, Chicago, and LA are the charnel houses. The flyover states you
mention aren't even rounding errors compared to them.

What would they have done differently with a federal administration that
was /more/ aligned to their disastrous, arguably murderous, decision making
processes? I'm genuinely curious to know how you model that.

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> A certain well-known politician has insisted over and over again that the
> only reason the number of COVID-19 cases is going up is that more testing
> for it is occurring. Since June 1 testing has gone up by 80%, but the
> number of positive results for the virus revealed by those tests have gone
> up by 215%; for the last two weeks the largest increase per capita has been
> in Alaska, Montana and North Dakota. So the well-known politician is dead
> wrong, as is his habit. Speaking of the dead, for the last 2 days more
> Americans have died from COVID-19 than any day since May 28, and summer is
> supposed to be the quiet time for virus pandemics. But hey .... at least we
> don't have the horrors of Hillary Clinton's email server to worry about.
>  John K Clark
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