[ExI] A video tour of the ALCOR facility

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Mon Jul 27 16:48:11 UTC 2020

I'm currently signed up for neuro.
I signed up with my Dad, just before he died a few years ago.
Thank goodness his head is now on ice, despite the desires of the rest of
the family.
It devastates me, every time I think of my Mom, rotting in the hell that is
the grave, due to the family's desires.
If Ether goes parabolic, again, (seems to be getting close) I'm thinking of
converting to full body $80K -> $200K.
Any thoughts on converting to that option?  I've heard that some people
think it isn't a better option?
I also want to fund accounts for my wife, and 3 adult kids.
I'm hoping this will pressure them into taking it, as for now, they don't
seem to want to.
I want to do it in a way such that if they don't take advantage of the
funding provided to Alcor, Alcor can use it to fund anyone they deem worth
the funding, or something?

Are any of you trying to put pressure on family members to get them on ice?
Is anything working?

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