[ExI] A video tour of the ALCOR facility

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Mon Jul 27 21:01:54 UTC 2020

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>  I'm thinking of converting to full body $80K -> $200K. Any thoughts on converting to that option?

I think that would be a very bad idea. If my brain is preserved then
my complete genome is automatically preserved too because that
information is encoded in every cell in my body, but I don't much care
if some information about wear and tare John K Clark received during
his lifetime is preserved or not, such as a small scar on my right big
toe or slight dent in my left kneecap. There is even some information
I'd prefer not to be preserved, such as the information that causes my
immune system to have certain allergies.

And it's likely if Alcor concentrates on preserving just my brain they
can do a better job then if they compromise and try to do it for my
entire body.  That's why even Max More, who runs ALCOR, for his own
personal Cryopreservation has decided to only freeze his head. Also,
if something unexpected happens in the next century and Alcor must
make an emergency move to a new location very quickly then my chances
of successfully making the move are better if what they have to move
is smaller. So if you go for full-body you'll be paying more than
twice as much and getting an inferior cryopreservation that has less
chance of preserving the critical brain information that is really
needed for survival.

John K Clark

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