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> Currently I doubt that there are any 'secret' supplements that
> significantly extend life better than exercise and a healthy diet that
> avoids obesity.


But if something is found that works, then you can be sure that Big
> Pharma will be selling it to everyone and raking in huge profits.
> That is exactly the type of treatment they dream of. Something that
> everyone has to buy and take every day - for ever!

They make money by selling exclusive products at prices that more than
recoup the cost of development, not by competing against each other to
purify and market biochemicals. The only exception is when they can take a
known supplement and package it in a way that makes it patentable or
controlled by the FDA as a drug, like the two prescription fish oil
products Lovaza and Vascepa. It remains to be seen if such products have a
good ROI.

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