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*> Duh.  The man is an clown. And a narcissist.  And stupid. That's what
> voting is for.*

Yes the man is obviously a clown, but for reasons I've never understood
that fact was not obvious to most members of this list in 2016, far *FAR*
more criticism was directed at Hillary Clinton than at Donald Trump (ah, I
remember the good old days when we were young and naïve and so many thought
the misuse of Hillary Clinton's email server was the most horrible thing a
politician could do). Although I don't know it for a fact I wouldn't be
surprised if most ended up voting for Trump rather than for the only woman
that had a snowball's chance in hell of stopping him, or they didn't vote
at all (or voted for a third-party nonentity which is equivalent to not

And meanwhile just yesterday Trump was back on national television pushing
a quack cure for COVID-19 (hydroxychloroquine) on millions of Americans and
using as his "very impressive evidence" testimony of a doctor who believes
facemasks are unnecessary, and many illnesses are caused by people having
sex in their dreams with demons and witches, and the COVID-19 vaccines in
development are made of DNA from space alien's demon sperm to make people
less religious.  And you think the fact that the most powerful man in the
world believes in this shit is not worth commenting on.

The good doctor also believes the US government is not run by human beings
but by creatures called "reptilians"... come to think of it ... she may not
be entirely wrong on that last point.

*> There are better uses of that time if you want to beat Trump.*

And there are much better uses of your time than in writing a screed
denouncing an anti-Trump post!

John K Clark
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