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*> you are doing it again - and that's wasting time for everyone, including
> you*

Back in 2016 lots of people on this list, including you, told me I was
wasting my time when I talked about Trump, and I guess you were right
because I was unable to convince anybody not to throw their vote away on
somebody who has zero chance of stopping this lunatic, a fool who is
powerful enough to kill everybody on this list and everybody they know in
the next 15 minutes.  And now, judging from all the flack I get whenever I
say anything negative about POTUS, it looks like many are going to make the
exact same disastrous mistake again in 2020. I sincerely hope my prediction
turns out to be dead wrong.

By the way, just a few days ago somebody started a thread about Flying
Saucers and how "*Element 115 when exposed to radiation generates its own
antigravitational field which is then amplified and directionalized*". How
come nobody complained about wasting time on that crap?

John K Clark
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