[ExI] Four pieces of evidence from before the Big Bang

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Quoting  John Clark:

> If the idea is right then inflation IS the Big Bang. According to the
>> > theory all you need to do to get things going and create a new universe
>> is
>> > to concentrate 10 grams of matter (about the mass of a pencil) into a
>> > volume with a diameter of 10^-26 meters; by comparison a proton has a
>> > diameter of 10^-15 meters and the Planck Length is 1.6*10^-35 meters. As
>> > far as I know there is no specific name for this.
> > *That is kind of an odd figure. *

You're right I made an error. I quoted that number from memory after
reading Brian Greens excellent book "The Hidden Reality" but forgot it was
in centimeters not meters. This is the relevant paragraph:

*"All the inflationary idea needs as a given is the small amount of initial
energy which would start the process of inflation. According to
calculations this would be a small speck of space 10 to the negative 26
centimeters in size and its mass would be roughly 10 grams. Such an
infinitesimal grain would then experience a violent expansion such that its
size will become bigger than our observable Universe in a fraction of a
second.The main remaining question in our discussion is whether or not the
inflation field actually exists."*

>  >
> *So does this mean that every collapsing star creates a new universe on
> the way to becoming a black  hole?*

The math says that is what would have to happen if the inflation field
actually exists, but nobody knows for sure if it does.

John K Clark
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