[ExI] Muslim and Supermuslim: Toward Islamic transhumanism?

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Tue Mar 3 19:32:11 UTC 2020

On 02/03/2020 22:49, William Flynn Wallace wrote:
> The problem with state atheism as an example of militant actions is 
> that atheism is not the cause of the actions.

This is exactly my point, which I don't feel that Guilio is getting. 
Atheism in itself, does not produce or encourage, or suggest in any way, 
any behaviour that could be called 'extreme', 'fundamentalist' or 
'militant'. Or anything else, for that matter. This is why I'm saying 
there is no such thing, /can't/ be any such thing, as 'fundamentalist 

Equating people who are violent, coercive, etc., and happen to be 
atheists, with people who are violent, coercive, etc. /because 
of////their religion/ is false. There are very many examples of 
religious fundamentalists, but none of atheist 'fundamentalists'. It's a 
nonsensical concept (as I've said, I /really really/, furiously, in the 
extreme and with a passion, don't play football. How does this 
distinguish me from someone who merely doesn't play football? That's 
right, Not at all. It's a ridiculous thing to say (note: I'm not saying 
I hate football. I don't. I don't care about it one way or the other, 
I'm just not interested, and don't play it. I also don't think that 
football has any place in government or the law, that nobody should be 
required to play it, whether they want to or not, or judged by their 
ability at it or attitude towards it, and that it should not be given 
special preference over other sports, or that players should have any 
special privileges over other people)).

I did ask for examples of this atheism-driven fundamentalism, and 
examples of the "the arguments of atheists against believers" that "can 
be redirected at the atheists themselves, who often behave exactly like 
fundamentalist believers", but so far have got nothing except that 
irrelevant link to State Mandated Atheism. What's the difference between 
that, and for example, State Mandated Islam? The latter is driven 
(certainly in many cases, if not all) by the religion itself. Is the 
former driven by the dictates of atheism (what are they? does anyone 
know?*)? Or is it driven by the controlling tendencies and political 
convictions of the people in power? I think we know the answer to that.

* I do! But there's only one. And it's hardly a 'dictate', it's just a 
definition. You don't believe in gods. That's it. Nothing else required.

Ben Zaiboc

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