[ExI] Freeman Dyson is dead

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JADE AND EUNICE CHANNEL <possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com> wrote:

>> I wish he had been signed up for cryonics. Oh, well...

I tried, had the support of his daughter.  He was just not interested.

Eric Drexler and I both failed to get Robert Heinlein signed up (his wife
was bitterly opposed).  Timothy Leary was signed up but was not suspended.
I can think of only one "luminary" suspended in recent years.


WOWsers!  I am only two degrees removed from Heinlein, Leary and Dyson, just
from being friends with you, Keith!

Ja, too bad more of these guys don't go in for cryonics.

Keith I will always have fond memories of those parties you used to host at
your house with all those big-timer SciFi writers, woooohooo.

This is cool, I am so in awe of myself.


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