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Me too!! (re: cryonics)


>…I had the honor of discussing my research with Freeman Dyson when I was a postdoc working on the origins of prebiotic life, back in the late 90s. We discussed his book, "Origins of Life", a small gem. It was exciting to hear him talk about his ideas on the origins of life, and his enthsuasm and humor were infectious. I met with him only a few times, but his ideas permeated my thoughts on my project. He will be missed.







Regina!  We haven’t heard from you in years!  Where have you been?


Tell us everything that happened please Doctor.


Urban legend has it that Isaac Asimov was asked about his intentions on cryonics.  His reply was that there was no need, since he had already uploaded himself into his books.


After that, I started uploading myself into ExI.





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