[ExI] Space and religion are the likeliest pathways out of decadence: Ross Douthat

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Dan, thanks for directing me to this very interesting paper.
I think the term "decadence" is used in two different ways.
1. There's the "decadence" of those who do sex, drugs, and rock&roll.
I don't consider this as decadence, provided they do also other
things. I am a libertarian at heart, and think everyone should be free
to think, say, and do wtf they want as long as they don't directly
harm others.
2. Then there's the real decadence of those who have lost the
imagination, motivation, and energy to do big things like going to the
Moon and colonizing the solar system and tomorrow the stars. I think
this is real decadence.
Now, some people (perhaps including Douthat himself), conflate these
two *very different* things, decadence(1) and decadence(2). I don't,
but the possibility that Douthat does doesn't prevent me from agreeing
with him that decadence(2) is a very disturbing trend that should be
stopped. And I agree that some intersections of space and religion
could provide the best way out of decadence(2).

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> Space and religion are the likeliest pathways out of decadence: Ross Douthat
> Peter Thiel notes that this book by Ross Douthat "sets the stakes for
> the most urgent public debate of the 2020s: How do we get back to the
> future?"
> https://turingchurch.net/space-and-religion-are-the-likeliest-pathways-out-of-decadence-ross-douthat-c752ecad6e63
> Have you read this:
> https://www.libertarianism.org/publications/essays/praise-decadence
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