[ExI] extropy-chat Digest, Vol 198, Issue 7

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sat Mar 7 15:31:22 UTC 2020

On 07/03/2020 06:23, BillW wrote:
> I just don't think that governments of whatever nature are comparable 
> to small radical groups, like Hezbollah.  If there are these out there 
> that are fundamentally atheist I would like to know about them.  bill w

I don't see how there could be. What 'unholy' book, or other set of 
absolute rules would they get their ideas from? What supernatural 
rewards or punishments would they be reacting to? Non-believers get a 
really bum deal when it comes to being told how they must and must not 
behave, dress, eat, think and beat up people who don't agree with those 

Poor things, they have to work out their morality for themselves! No 
blindly following ancient scripts, no being told they aren't allowed to 
ask questions, no concept of 'sin', no dumb acceptance of 
institutionalised bigotry, no fear of eternal punishment after they 
cease to exist (and no questioning what that even means). What chance do 
they have?

Ben Zaiboc

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