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What chance do
they have?
Ben Zaiboc

Not much.  If I were in charge, all high schools would have religion
classes, which would include atheist's reasons for not believing and
showing you can have a moral system without religion.

What chance does this have?  Zilch.  Our schools are anything but open.

bill w

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> On 07/03/2020 06:23, BillW wrote:
> > I just don't think that governments of whatever nature are comparable
> > to small radical groups, like Hezbollah.  If there are these out there
> > that are fundamentally atheist I would like to know about them.  bill w
> I don't see how there could be. What 'unholy' book, or other set of
> absolute rules would they get their ideas from? What supernatural
> rewards or punishments would they be reacting to? Non-believers get a
> really bum deal when it comes to being told how they must and must not
> behave, dress, eat, think and beat up people who don't agree with those
> rules.
> Poor things, they have to work out their morality for themselves! No
> blindly following ancient scripts, no being told they aren't allowed to
> ask questions, no concept of 'sin', no dumb acceptance of
> institutionalised bigotry, no fear of eternal punishment after they
> cease to exist (and no questioning what that even means). What chance do
> they have?
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