[ExI] The Fermi Paradox

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> On 07/03/2020 06:23, Adrian Tymes wrote:
> > I am reminded of stories where the last humans in a solar system took
> > their city mobile, sticking to the slim (and moving) spot on the
> > planet that was sufficiently shielded and life-compatible, with crews
> > working the terrain ahead so the city could stay on the march.
> OK, so that's one possible defence. Pick a massive body that's certain
> to withstand the onslaught and provide enough shielding, and stay behind
> it. For as long as it takes. You'd have to be completely self-sufficient
> (which pretty much rules out any biological existence, I would think),
> and able to maneouvre to stay in the shielded spot.

They could bring along greenhouses to sustain biological existence.

> I can't see crawling around
> on the surface like in those stories being viable (storms, vulcanism)

Low atmosphere so no storms.  Send drones ahead (with explosives, up to
nuclear, if needed) to level volcanoes, at least long enough to pass by.
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