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> Keith this post is two of the most insightful paragraphs I have seen in
months.  Thanks for that.

Welcome, but it is just elementary evolutionary psychology.

> Perfect example: Presbyterianism, which implies
old in its name.  Harmless as a butterfly for most of the participants.

It is now, but "The origins of the Presbyterian churches are in
Calvinism."  It is worth remembering that Calvin had 18 people
executed for heresy.  We would call the early Calvinism a cult.  It is
the normal progression for cults to settle into accepted religions.

Incidentally, there is one historical example where religion might
have caused some serious negative selection.  The accounts are
sketchy, but there seems to be little doubt that most of those who
went on the Children's crusade did not reproduce.

>I have retitled this thread to include a story I lived in my senior year of
engineering school, regarding a topic I was having offlist with an expert in
the field.  Here ya go:

Multilevel story clipped.

You might note that some years ago many of the sociology programs were
dropped in favor of EP.  UCSB, UC Irvine, and the London School of
Economics were among them.  Years ago I posted a link to Dr. Badcock's
analysis.  I might be able to find it again if anyone cares.


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