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Sun Mar 8 21:01:43 UTC 2020

John it isn’t the federal government’s job to get test kits for everyone.


The reason I don’t want to see the USA get into that situation is the US government is bankrupt.  It has been operating under chapter 11 for decades, and there is no end in sight.  It doesn’t matter who is where, or even what happens next, for none of the current candidates for anything of significance is even talking about balancing the budget.


Eventually politicians will realize as long as more credit is available, they can keep cutting taxes and borrowing more.  We can all see how that will end.  


Consequence: the faster we can remove duties from the Federal government the better.


On the other hand, states can raise as much money as they need.  They can tax assets as well as income, as California already does.  So… don’t rely on the fed.  Rely on the states.


Our California governor didn’t buy a million kits either.


Regarding my idea that foreign kits are inferior: not necessarily.  But they didn’t pass our government bureaucracy’s testing procedure.  So we can’t know if they are inferior until they do that.  But if they do that, they are as expensive as ours, or more so.





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