[ExI] Hallelula!

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Wed Mar 11 06:18:15 UTC 2020

Quoting SR Ballard:

> I was wrong just the other day about when we do and don’t reuse  
> Custard at work. I was  corrected by one manager and had to go tell  
> the other employee that I had been wrong about which day it was.
> This happens about 3 days ago.
> If we’re talking about overall perception of the world, I actually  
> used to hold an alt-right position to the lines of “the personal and  
> professional freedom of modern women, and general modern  
> egalitarianism will cause/is causing the downfall of western  
> civilization”.

At the time did you rationalize this position or simply feel it?
> I don’t believe that anymore. I stopped believing it a year ago.
> Before that I was ultra-hard “SJW”, which I also disagree with heavily now.
> It’s part of growing up that you change your thoughts, feelings, and  
> opinions, no?

Personal development is not something that need stop at adulthood. You  
are capable of evolving your whole life, to adapt to changing times.  
That we can change our minds faster than nature can change our genes  
is why we evolved minds in the first place. You are a work in  
progress; have fun with it.

Stuart LaForge

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