[ExI] the CDC's weird recommendation on masks

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I suspect another reason is that there are no longer any masks available in
most US locations, and the government does not have a stockpile that is in
sufficient quantities.

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> It might give people a false sense of security... That said, my mask is a
> P200, but I got it for fire season years ago.
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> I don't understand this recommendation from the CDC for the public to NOT
> wear masks for COVID-19 prophylaxis. Is it based on any evidence or data?
> Or is it just because the supply shortage for healthcare workers? Maybe
> N-95 respirators are overkill for the general public that is not regularly
> face to face with infected patients or entering rooms with several
> patients. But why shouldn't somebody at risk not wear a surgical mask on
> the subway or bus?
> Yes, the virus is small enough to go through the pores of a surgical mask
> but it will certainly stop many of the larger aerosol droplets. From the
> average cough or sneeze from three to six feet away. In fact according to
> this review of the literature, simple disposable surgical masks ARE
> effective in protecting the wearer according to 6 out of 7 studies. This is
> stronger than the evidence for the efficacy of hand washing which was also
> protective but in only 4 out 7 studies.
> https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD006207.pub4/full
> "These data suggest that wearing a surgical mask or a N95 mask is the
> measure with the most consistent and comprehensive supportive evidence.
> Seven out of eight studies included masks as a measure in their study and
> six out of seven of these studies found masks to be statistically
> significant in multivariable analysis. Handwashing was also included in
> seven of the studies with four studies showing handwashing to be
> statistically significant in multivariable analysis. All other measures
> were shown to be statistically significant in multivariable analysis on
> only one or two occasions."
> What is going on here? Does the CDC just think everybody is too stupid to
> properly use a face mask properly? I have in the past been coughed on in
> public to my great annoyance so it certainly is a realistic risk. My
> professional opinion as a microbiologist is that at risk people should
> absolutely wear a mask in crowded conditions and safety glasses or goggles
> as well. And if you can't buy any because they are sold out or too
> expensive due to price gouging, then you should make your own:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZGU2vWHKC8
> In my opinion ANY barrier to the aerosol from sick people is better than
> no barrier. Any insights from the other list members with biomed experience?
> Stuart LaForge
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