[ExI] Odd Market Moves

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This is my likely wrong working hypothesis, but I'd be interested to see
who might agree, who might think I'm way off, why, and all that.

This is because of the fed "printing" (really, loaning) more money than it
ever has, driving up the money supply.  Back in the depression, people
thought this was a bad thing, that always lead to inflation, so they made
the recession far worse, restricting money too much, fearing inflation.
But the closer we get to the singularity, and the faster the economy grows,
the more we need more money.  The fed is finally realizing this.  That is
why the last one was only the "great recession" not a depression. Yet
despite all that money being printed, money is still inflating in value
(lack of desired inflation of the cost of goods), because the money supply
is failing to keep up with the exponentially accelerating economy.

The USD isn't quite there yet, but most currencies now have negative
interest rates to hold money in a bank account, for the first time in
history. But even
 this can't get the price of bonds to go up, because there just isn't
enough money to keep up with the exponentially accelerating economy.

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> Usually when stocks go down bonds go up, especially high quality low risk
> bonds, but not this time, this time everything is down, even the price of
> gold is down. I'm not sure what that means but it's definitely weird and a
> bit concerning.
> John K Clark
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