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>…But isn't that a bad thing?


No I don’t think it is.  It would be a bad thing If I were price-gouging on counterfeit TP.  Amazon is full of counterfeit stuff you know.  People would get to the bathroom, not discover until the bogus product was called into service, at which time the hapless prole would perhaps opine thus: aaaaaah shit.



>…If I wanted to pay $100 for TP, I never would, but if I did, possibly for something I'd really want, I'd be very upset at Amazon for denying me that opportunity…


Sure!  If you want 100 dollar TP, I am soooo here for ya.


>…That's what supply and demand is, right?  Brent




Brent since you are a qualia guy you will get this one, the real reason Greenland and Iceland have the names they do.  Back in the old days, Erik the Red was actually blue.  Ice was green and plants were white.  Or at least they were perceived that way.  They named the places and the guy who discovered them, but perceptions changed.


Now you know… the rest… of the story.





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