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> *I agree with Ben, perhaps more than Ben agrees with Ben.  Testing will
> notsolve this problem, and may make it worse.*

It's still worth doing but time is critical so extensive testing would not
be nearly as effective now as it would have been a month ago by finding
virus hot spots and isolating them before they grew exponentially, and
because of the Chinese giving us ample warning of what was coming it could
have been done but was not, instead leadership in the USA engaged in happy
talk and magical thinking. China didn't have the advance warning the USA
had but even so was much faster in instituting mass testing than the USA
and it looks like such measures are paying off in a dramatic way for them.
Yesterday in the city of Wuhan, Ground Zero of the epidemic, only 5 new
cases were reported, the second day in a row new cases were in single
digits; and in other parts of China some parks have reopened as have all 42
 Apple stores in China.

John K Clark
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