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>>... John what do I owe ya?


>...Oh, all of the interesting and nutty discussions on here are payment
enough. I'm happy to help support a wonderfully vibrant and geeky community







Indeed sir?  What nutty discussions?  


Mahatma Ghandhi has said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
then they fight you, then you win.


I am at stage two.  Our list serious guy Brent can't stop laughing.  But
then after stage 3, I shall win, becoming the king of counterfeit TP on the
Dark Web.  Then as I sit tall on my pile of money, I shall make instructive
and charitable comments from up there, such as neener neener


Remember our own Jeff Davis, used to hang out here a lot in the 1990s,
always with the big ideas he was.  Sold his house, bet long on BitCoin,
before the boom.  


The other day I posted to him: Hey Jeff, haven't seen you since a year ago
last summer.  Do post me a recent picture, me lad.  


He sent this: 



Now he must hire a coupla fellers to shovel a path thru his money just so he
can get to his own bathroom.


H suffers so, it's all been so hard on him.  Jeff was the original hippy,
1969 Berkeley grad, always with the hair and sandals and the weird clothes
they used to wear and all that, never had two nickels, but was really good
at making do with just a little.  Then this happens to him, and now society
expects him to wear suits and go around like that guy with the top hat in
the Monopoly game.  The pressure is enormous.  


The hapful lad deals with it by funding his own X-prize mission to the moon.
He asked his aerospace engineers if such a thing is feasible.  His own buddy
had to answer honestly: I don't think so.


The Israelis did it:




Sigh.  If I see him, I will get a bullhorn and call out, Hey Jeff, is there
enough oxygen up there?  that sorta thing.


Speaking of BitCoin, do remember Hal Finney, who was also one of ours.





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