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>.Indeed sir?  What nutty discussions?  




>.The other day I posted to him: Hey Jeff, haven't seen you since a year ago
last summer.  Do post me a recent picture, me lad.




We tend to make light of the challenges of those whose ship comes in when in
their 70s.  This ship didn't just come in, it somehow leaped ashore and
landed such that it nearly struck the unwitting lad, who was as surprised as
anyone.  These accidental later-life l skerjillionaires become the center of
unwanted attention, such as Jed Clampett back in the 60s.


But think about it for a minute, particularly those of us whose values are
long since set firmly and do not change much, particulary those of us who
are scandalized by enormous fortunes.  Now think, what if. supernatural
beings control fate, and they have a sensa humah, and they read the stuff we
post, and one of them says Hey, that John Clark guy needs a fixin, let's
drop a huuuuuuge fortune in his lap and see how he manages, that will be a
kick in the ass.


Jeff is managing the best he can.  Last I saw him and his bride they were
doing well.  Of course there is little point of having a pile of money if
one does not sit on top and enjoy the view, but there are dangers.  Money is
kinda slippery (we call know how it slips though so many peoples' fingers)
and the danger of a moneyslide is always present.  He could suffocate before
the rescuers dig him out.  He ordered oxygen bottles and an avalanche
beacon, but Amazon.com could not deliver, for their experimental drones
cannot reach that altitude.


That isn't the only problem.  He has buttloads of money, he hires
contractors, whenever he pays them they get this eeeewww-gross look on their
faces knowing where that money has been.  They immediately run off and wash
thoroughly, with this disdainful nauseous expression similar to that you may
have seen if you have tried to use cash anywhere in the past week.  It is
getting so bad, even the ATM doesn't want to accept the filthy stuff.  His
contractors won't even put it in the same machine with the soiled baby
garments, for fear of ruining the diapers.  It brings a whole new meaning to
the term money-laundering.  


Hey John, what nutty discussions were you referring to?





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