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> Recall that Julian Assange is one of ours (from about 1995 to about 2000.)  That insightful lad foresaw all of what we are seeing now.  He spoke about how advancing technology would eventually eliminate privacy.  It is ironic as all hell that he is the one facing legal consequences when he wasn’t the one who leaked the information, and the information for which he is most reviled for exposing wasn’t even classified (it was a political party’s email.)  A US military person exposed the government stuff (and that person is now free.)  Yet another irony is that no one really cares about the government stuff, but the political party stuff is what made the news.
> OK, so… what if… we get to the point that Julian foresaw: governments lag behind technology and no one can keep secrets?  His vision was that the result would be honest government and peace.

Just so........

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