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As an extension of Open Season Sunday, I propose no limit to the number of posts, no holds barred, everyone state your opinion on anything including politics, including naming names, including everything and anything.


Then Monday I propose a return to sanity and extend an invitation to those who object to skip today’s posts.




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John, I propose a day of open season on political discussion.  Today.


Anyone here object?


If not, John do explain please why Julian Assange killed people.




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> Do tell, John, why are people dead because of him? Enquiring minds want to know!


Do I really need to spell it out? Do you really want me too? Last time I made a detailed argument of that sort some delicate snowflakes around here got all traumatized and demanded I be kicked off the list; if I answered the question you asked I have no doubt the same thing would happen again. This isn't the list of old, nowadays I must walk on eggshells, I can't just say what I think.


 John K Clark

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