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> John, I propose a day of open season on political discussion.  Today.

 Anyone here object?

 If not, John do explain please why Julian Assange killed people.


>…OK you asked for it. Nobody knows how many Americans Julian Assange will end up killing it will almost certainly be in the thousands…


With what weapon please?


>…I just hope it's not in the millions...


Did he get a nuclear weapon?


>…Julian Assange Is a useful idiot, a tool of former KGB agent Vladimir Putin…


Have you any evidence of this?


>…that helped him dictate who would become the next President of the USA…


Evidence?  I thought he ran a website.  Now you tell us he dictates who would be POTUS?  Do explain please.


>…I didn't know it at the time but it turns out Assange was't Putin's only tool, he had a army of internet trolls…


Putin commands an internet army now?  Do explain please.


>… so we got such absurdities as pizzagate…


Was that Putin’s idea?  Evidence please?


>… I couldn't understand where the intense hatred the name Hillary Clinton engendered in so many people came from…


We could.  She leaked classified information.


>…Most Americans were too smart to fall for Putin's propaganda but due to a blunder in the Constitution the American people don't get to choose their Commander In Chief, only the Electoral College can do that and they decided to put a turd in the White House who had no concern for the welfare of American people whatsoever…


John this wanders off the topic.  How did Julian Assange kill all these people and get away with it?  How does he threaten millions now?


>…Because of Assange and other Putin stooges…


You have skipped a step or two in your proof.  How did Assange do all this, when all he was doing was run a website?  How do we know he was working for Putin?


>…(such as members of the Libertarian Party and the Green Party)…


How do we know Libertarians and Greens voted in accordance with Assange and Putins orders?


>… but even more important we also got the laziest, most ignorant, and dumbest president in American History…


What has this to do with Julian Assange?


{…rant not about Assange elided…}


{…rant not about Assange elided…}


{…rant not about Assange elided…}


{…rant not about Assange elided…}


{…rant not about Assange elided…}


>…I think somebody will have to literally drag him out of the Oval Office by force.  John K Clark


John you started with accusing Julian Assange having murdered an unknown number of people and (somehow) plotting to murder more, then drifted off into rants about Putin with no clear connection to Assange’s plot to kill millions.  Do explain please.  Show your work in every step.



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