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I think the line of reasoning is:


The US is afraid to make dictatorial choices at the moment, due to the real possibility that it might later become public knowledge.


And I also kind of understand the line of reasoning other than that, but no one is doing themselves any favors at the moment. 


John, just calm down and actually explain yourself. Right now you’re just ranting. Right now you have a chance and you’re not really using it very well.


Spike, you’re being snarky and obtuse but I think maybe that’s a feature not a bug.

SR Ballard



Ja.  You know my style by now SR.  We know John’s.  These two styles can confront each other with positive results.  But I will go at it a different way (temporarily (then the snarkiness will return (so don’t panic.)))

There are those of us who really find a particular problem or issue the very most important one of all.  It can be saving the Amazon rain forest, or stopping Russian something or other, or building homes for the homeless, etc, and all have their merits, but I am one of those who really ponder what the hell happens when the results of US government borrowing maxes out the credit cards and deep, painful cuts are forced upon us.  

>… The US is afraid to make dictatorial choices at the moment, due to the real possibility that it might later become public knowledge.


JA!  Thank for that SR.  May dictatorial choices alllllwaaaaays later become public knowledge and may the US be forever afraid to make dictatorial choices, for our system isn’t set up for dictatorial choices.  If you are right, Julian Assange saved thousands, and may be plotting to save millions.

I am one who sees that as the very most important problem facing the US today, for when that day comes, it doesn’t matter what happens in the Amazon, for the US would not be able to do anything more with it than Brazil is doing now.  It doesn’t matter how many homeless there are, for the government will be helpless as a kitten to do a damn thing about it.  I have long since recognized that POTUS is not the most powerful man in the world.  He isn’t even the most powerful man in the USA.  

When the results of our absurd overspending come home, POTUS will not even be the most powerful man in the US government, for the speaker of the house will be the holder of the real power, as that office must guide the rapidly-shrinking budget.

In that scenario, I see no reason to blame Julian Assange for any of our troubles.  I don’t see that he is plotting to profit from murdering millions.  I remember him as being as single-focus as I am, but on a different obsession.  Mine is government budget, his is exposing government secrets.  Neither of us are motivated by profit.  Neither of us have any ill will toward anyone.  Julian does his thing.  I don’t blame him for what he does, nor do I believe he is a Russian drone, a war profiteer, an aspiring politician, any of that.  I remember his posts: he does what he does because of his deep convictions about secrecy: he believes it hides corruption.

Well, ja, I get that.  Do you?  If not, I get that enough for the both of us.


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