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>… if you read the Mueller report and not a summary of it made by Trump
>> stooge William Barr you'd have evidence of it too…
> >
> *I see.  So you read the report and found the evidence in there, but
> refuse to share it with us?*

For God's sake Spike, it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together!
Every intelligence agency in the country says Vladimir Putin's goons
illegally hacked into the Email account of the Democratic National
Committee and stole their Emails. Everybody agrees it would be embarrassing
for Putin to publicly admit to this by publishing the Emails himself so he
needed a tool, a useful idiot, to do that for him. And it is beyond dispute
that Julian Assange DID publish those Emails and he did so at times that
were most useful to Donald J Trump, the very man who would later go on to
call COVID-19 a Democratic hoax and horabbly bungle the virus crisis.

The Russians hacked the Democratic Committee on July 27 2016 just a few
hours after Trump said in a televised speech “*Russia, if you’re listening,
I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you
will probably be rewarded mightily by our press*”, and the Access Hollywood
tape where Trump bragged about sexually harassing women became known on
October 17 2016 at 4:03PM, and just 29 minutes later at 4:32PM the first
batch of those stolen Democratic Emails appeared on Wikileaks. And it is
beyond dispute that Putin's boy Donald Trump made good use of property that
was stolen by a foreign government and used it extensively in nearly every
campaign speech from that day to the day of the election, and beyond. For
some bizarre reason he's so obsessed with those Putin obtained Assange
published Emails that Trump continued to talk about them at his
WrestleMania type rallies long after he became president.

> *he never demonstrated he knew about American pollical parties or cared
> which won.*

Well Donald Trump sure cared who won and had a strong opinion about
WikiLeaks, he said more than once "*I love WikiLeaks*". Incidentally he
also said he loved murderous North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

>  > *John.  You are the only person I have ever heard suggesting Julian
> Assange is plotting to kill millions.*

Spike, please don't put words in my mouth. What I said was that Assange's
actions will result in the death of thousands and perhaps millions of
people and I stand by every word of that statement. Assange couldn't have
known that COVID-19  would be coming in 3 years but he must have known it
was possible, even probable, that a serious crisis of some sort would come
up in the next 4 years and, unless he was as stupid as Donald Trump
himself, he must have known nobody would perform more incompetently in a
crises than Donald Trump.

> >> Julian Assange is a professional hypocrite who claims to be a
>> libertarian but has done everything in his power to help the most
>> anti-libertarian person conceivable become the most powerful man in the
>> world…
> *> I don’t recall his taking sides.  *

Good God! And by that I maen your implication regarding Assange is as
ridiculous as the existence of a benevolent God is, and that's pretty God
damn ridiculous.

> *> He publishes stuff people post to him. *

No publisher publishes everything anybody sends them, and most publishers
publish stuff that the authors want published. And although it received far
less publicity the fact is the Republican National Committee was also
hacked by Vladimir Putin's goons, but none of those stolen Emails ever
showed up on WikiLeaks or anyplace else.

 > *Openness is a good thing.*

So let's see Trump's tax records for the last 20 years. Let's see what John
Bolton has to say under oath about the Ukrainian scandal.

*If information that harmed any political party appeared on WikiLeaks,
> someone did something wrong [...]*

Nothing in those Emails that were stolen by Russia and published by
WikiLeaks revealed anything illegal or even particularly immoral, certainly
not if we use the new morality standard established by Donald Trump. Those
Emails just contains embarrassing office gossip of the type you'll see in
any large organization like a presidential campaign; staffer X thinks
staffer Y is a jerk and staffer Z thought his boss looked stupid when she
said that thing in her speech last night. In short there was nothing in
them that was newsworthy and the only reason to publish them would be if
you wanted to make one side look worse than the other.

> > Remember the Maine? Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst were
>> publishers too and without them there would not have been a Spanish
>> American War in 1898…
> *> No John.  Those guys were US citizens.  They pledged allegiance to the
> USA.  Julian Assange is Australian.*

What the hell does his nationality have to do with the price of eggs?! I'm
not a lawyer so I don't know for certain if Assange's actions violated
Australian or American law or not, but I do know for certain that what
Assange did, and what Pulitzer and Hearst did, was immoral, and unwise, and
hypocritical, and as it turned out deadly.

 *> I don’t recall a word about Julian Assange.*

Well I sure recall Julian Assange. And in the next few months if I'm
gasping for breath but can't be put on a respirator because all the
hospitals are clogged up with millions of people who are even sicker than I
am then you can be certain Julian Assange will still be in my thoughts.

John K Clark
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