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*John do you see any significant difference between the two mainstream
> parties*

*GOOD GOD YES! *Except that the Republicans aren't mainstream anymore,
nowadays they're America's Fascist Party.

> I don’t accept your notion that borrowing can continue forever either.

Why not? It's worked fine for nearly 200 years because improved technology
lead to increasing productivity which means the dollar I borrow today can
be paid back tomorrow with a dollar that is easier for me to obtain.

> >> …Every intelligence agency in the country says Vladimir Putin's goons
> illegally hacked into the Email account of the Democratic National
> Committee and stole their Emails…
> > *Whenever I hear that I want to ask how it was that the server was set
> up such that it had no fail-safe against such hacking. *

Because the Democrats made a mistake and didn't take computer security as
seriously as they should have, but if I foolishly forget to lock my front
door that doesn't mean it's OK for you to come in and steal everything I

*> Why don’t those goons hack into far more valuable servers, such as our
> major corporations?*

What are you talking about, when Russia hacked the Democrats Putin got
something of incredible value, his boy in the White House.

> >…Spike, please don't put words in my mouth. What I said was that
> Assange's actions will result in the death of thousands and perhaps
> millions of people and I stand by every word of that statement…
> *> Have you any evidence of that notion?*

On February 26 Trump said there were 15 cases of COVID-19 and said the
number of people infected in the United States is "*going very
substantially down, not up, the 15, within a couple of days, is going to be
down to close to zero.*" If only that turned out to be true! Two weeks ago
there were about 50 cases of COVID-19 in the USA. One week ago there were
457 cases of COVID-19 in the USA. As of today there are 3,485 cases of
COVID-19 in the USA. Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the world's leading
epidemiologists, said today hundreds of thousands of Americans could die in
the next few months from the pandemic, and of course Trump immediately
contradicted him by saying the virus "*was under tremendous control*".
Trump is handling this crises exactly as anybody with only half a brain
could have been able to predicted he would handle a crisis of this
magnitude. Did Julian Assange have half a brain?

>>…Assange … must have known nobody would perform more incompetently in a
>> crises than Donald Trump…
> *> Evidence please?  How would he know that?*

Oh I don't know,... having less inflation adjusted money now then he had
decades ago when he was given money by his daddy, owning a casino and
failing to make money off of it, and 6 bankruptcies might have given him a
clue, or just listening to the man talk for 5 minutes.

>>…No publisher publishes everything anybody sends them, and most
>> publishers publish stuff that the authors want published…
> > Evidence?

So... do you really think publishers are in the habit of publishing
anything and everything anybody sets before them?

>>…And although it received far less publicity the fact is the Republican
>> National Committee was also hacked by Vladimir Putin's goons…
> *> Evidence? *

Russia Hacked 'Older' Republican Emails, FBI Director Says

Republicans also hacked by Russia

> >>…Nothing in those Emails that were stolen by Russia and published by
>> WikiLeaks revealed anything illegal or even particularly immoral…
> *>This comment contradicts your argument that Assange contributed to the
> outcome of the election.*

I see nothing contradictory in it and this certainly wouldn't be the first
time careers and lives have been ruined by gossip about things that were
not illegal or even particularly immoral, most Hollywood scandals are in
this category.

 > Trivial office gossip killed thousand or millions now?  Do break down
> this line of reasoning step by step please,

Step#1)Trivial office gossip provided by Julian Assange and targeted
internet trolls who knew how to push people's buttons manage to convince
just 53,650 voters in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan that Donald J
Trump was more moral than Hillary Clinton.

Step#2) Trump won as a result.

Step #3) As could have been easily predicted Trump horribly bungled the
virus crisis.

Step #4) Now is the time to make big bucks by investing in quicklime
futures and body bags.

*> John, you now have the option of social distancing, which is the very
> best way to avoid covid.  My family and I are doing that, and it works. *

I'm doing that too and I hope it works, and I really hope you and your
entire family and everybody on this list stays healthy.

John K Clark
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