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> The assumption is that a CDC funded with more money could have done better.  That isn’t clear to me at all, and is based on a number of speculative assumptions.  I keep hearing we didn’t have enough test kits and so forth, but [...]


>…I'm not surprised you keep hearing that, nor am I surprised you added a "but". So you're right and every epidemiologist in the country is wrong when they insist that early testing is vitally important.


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I mentioned the possibility of early testing.  What about testing the same people a week later?  They can still catch it from those who initially tested negative and now think they can sneeze into the wind.  Then the next day, junior coughs and in he goes for another test.


The US doesn’t have the manufacturing capacity for all the test kits that would be required to test our way out.


A better approach is serious social distancing, which does not require any particular action on the part of the authorities.  None of the candidates for leadership inspire a bit of confidence.  Perhaps we are forced to the last resort: self-reliance.  How shall we cope?








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